The Ultimate Cure

The Contraflow infrared oven system offers unprecedented curing performance, making it the Ultimate cure. The Contraflow is available with electric or gas catalytic infrared emitters allowing you to select specific performance characteristics and the most efficient energy source available at your
plant's location.


Contraflow Electric Curing Oven
The Ultimate cure.

Product Features:

• Fast response electric infrared elements
• Alternating reverse convection air recirculation
• Vertical and horizontal zone control
• Adjustable oven width
• Insulated oven structure
• Unique reflector design
• Variety of control options available
• Reverse angle reflective doors for maximum
  heat retention
• Custom designed to fit your specific needs
• Minimal installation time

Performance Benefits:

• Fast cure times for all types of coatings
• Recirculating air movement ensures even
  heat distribution and improves curing performance
• Ability to cure complex part shapes
• Minimal floor space requirements
• Increased throughput
• Energy efficient

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