Automotive Curing Ovens

System Applications:

• Dynamic online spot repair ovens
• Inter-coat flash off
• Seam sealant drying
• Anti-chip coating drying
• Body side heating

Product Features:

• Multiple zone configuration with independent
  zone control
• Programmable ramp to temperature with hold
  at temperature feature
• Optical pyrometer and touch screen PLC
  controls available
• Polished stainless steel reflector system
• Ceramic glass emitter covers create smooth
  oven interior
• Fully welded framework with removable
  access panels
• Custom designed and engineered to meet your
  specific production requirements

Performance Benefits:

• Maintains precise curing schedules
• Ensures even heat distribution
• Different body profiles are accommodated by
 oven control system
• Increased throughput
• Constant process monitoring
• Minimal floor space requirements
• Reduces rejects caused by contamination

Hotline Spot Curing Units