Corporate Description
PEDTECH is a leading manufacturer of infrared based process heating equipment. PEDTECH has grown into a multinational company that continues to expand through vision, determination and the commitment of PEDTECH personnel worldwide.

Markets Served
PEDTECH's products are found in a number of industries:
• Industrial finishing
• Automotive finishing
• Plastic finishing
• Wood finishing
• Footwear manufacturing
• Process heating
• Thermal environment testing
• Packaging design and management
• Thermal controlled food distribution

PEDTECH's curing/booster oven technologies include gas catalytic infrared, electric infrared and convection. PEDTECH offers powder and liquid finishing systems and components including pretreatment, application and recovery equipment, and a variety of material handling solutions.

Technical Services
PEDTECH's sales managers, project engineers and installation specialists have years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of infrared curing ovens, process heating equipment and finishing systems. Each piece of equipment provided is designed to fit the customer's specific requirements and each process is thoroughly tested. The thermal solutions test centers are open to all existing and prospective clients as well as coating suppliers and other industry partners.

Major Products
• Infrared curing ovens including gas catalytic, long, medium
  and short wave electric.
• Infrared booster ovens including gas catalytic, long, medium
  and short wave electric
• Complete powder coating systems including pretreatment,
  application, material handling and cure
• Automotive curing ovens for total bidy cure, spot cure and
  specialty applications
• PEDTECH System of process heating equipment
• Thermotainer insulated containers for temperature controlled food distribution.