Gas Contraflow Curing Oven
The world's most advanced high speed
curing oven.

Product Features:

• Fast response, high surface area,
  catalytic gas emitters
• Horizontal and vertical zone heat control
• Optional controlled air movement
• Adjustable oven width
• Insulated oven structure
• Unique reflector design
• Reverse angle reflective doors for maximum
  heat retention
• Available PLC control system
• Custom designed to fit your specific needs
• Minimal installation time
• Prepiped and prewired, only one gas and
  electric connection required
• Whenever possible, ships completely assembled

Performance Benefits:

• Fast cure times for all types of coatings
• Minimal floor space requirements
• Ability to cure complex part shapes
• Even heat distribution
• Increased throughput
• Energy efficient
• Minimal installation time

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