Footwear Manufacturing Technology

PEDTECH has led the world in introducing innovative technologies for the shoe-manufacturing industry for over 25 years. Developments such as the PEDTECH Rinkmaster System (1978), The PEDTECH Computer System (1991), The PEDTECH Integrated Line (1996), most recently the PEDTECH Rotary System for Modular Production (1997) have set industry standards world-wide.

Not content to rest on past achievements, PEDTECH continues to work closely with the branded houses, shoe manufacturers, cement suppliers, and industry partners with the goal of creating a safer, more productive industry world-wide. Current projects include the development of machinery for processing hot melt cements in the shoe attaching area.

With more than 400 production lines installed globally, PEDTECH machines produce over a half million pairs of shoes a day. PEDTECH equipment meets or exceeds the highest international health and safety standards, and is designed to allow our customers to quickly adapt to new advancements in both the component and cementing area.

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