Booster Ovens

The Sprint infrared booster oven system begins the curing process more quickly and effectively, by bringing the product up to temperature in a fraction of the time required by a conventional oven. The Sprint is available with electric or gas infrared emitters, allowing you to select specific performance characteristics and choose the most efficient energy source available at your location.


Sprint Infrared Booster Oven
Turbocharge your finishing line!

Product Features:

• Quick response medium wave infrared emitters
• Integral lamp and reflector cooling system
• Unique reflector system
• Oven width adjustment
• Automatic shutdown for gaps in production
• Vertical and horizontal zone control
• Numerous control options with PLC control
  system available
• Minimal installation
• Custom designed to fit your specific needs
• Completely prewired
• Whenever possible, ships completely assembled

Performance Benefits:

• Rapid product heating, reduces cure times
• Line speeds and throughput are increased,
  improving product quality
• Minimal floor space requirements
• Improved gloss factors
• Fast response elements maximize energy efficiency

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