Hotline XYZ Axis Spot Curing Unit

Product Features:

• Overhead rail carrier system
• Articulated heater head design
• Laser sighted pyrometer control
• Fast response short wave infrared emitters
• Unique reflector design
• Custom designed to fit specific
  performance requirements
• Minimal installation time

Performance Benefits:

• Fast drying/cure times for all types of finishes
• Increased throughput
• Access to any position on the vehicle body
• Easily adapts to different vehicle styles/sizes
• Accurate temperature control
• User friendly operation
• Energy efficient

Other Automotive Applications:

• Sound deadening panel heating
• Body side molding heating
• Brake pad heaters
• Polycarbonate lamp assembly annealing
• Anti-UV lacquer curing
• Wire loom heating
• Curing powder coated components

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